KontrolFreek FPSFreek CQC Signature (PS4 , XB1)

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The versatile FPS Freek® CQC™ Signature offers unsurpassed comfort and control thanks to its hybrid thumb surface and soft rubber compound. Signature is perfect for first or third-person shooters and Action-Adventure games like Fortnite, Overwatch and Monster Hunter: World.

Designed for shotgun-wielding super commandos and rush-type players, FPS Freek CQC Signature is the difference maker when the first hit marker really matters. FPS Freek CQC Signature’s proprietary rubber compound and unique concave/convex hybrid thumb surface provides unsurpassed comfort and control no matter what game you’re playing. The 6.1mm of height added by Signature creates a nearly seamless feel for those looking for big results and less adjustment time. Signature is also perfect for younger gamers or those with hands on the smaller side. CQC Signature excels when using subs, shotguns, pistols, and when quickness in close quarters is at a premium.


- Better quickness and control at short-to-medium range
- Hybrid thumb surface design for more comfort and grip
- Perfect for young gamers and those with smaller hands
- Negligible height increase for little-to-no adjustment period


- Fortnite
- Monster Hunter: World
- The Witcher 3
- Sea of Thieves

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KontrolFreek FPSFreek CQC Signature (PS4 , XB1)

KontrolFreek FPSFreek CQC Signature (PS4 , XB1)