This policy explains how GamingGadgets Sweden AB collects and handles personal data.

Data controller

GamingGadgets Sweden AB is the controller of your personal data and responsible for handling the data in accordance with the appropriate legislation.

Personal data

To carry out a purchase on GamingGadgets we need your name, address, phone number and email address.
We need them to send the order to the right shipping address, send you updates about the status of the order and contact you when necessary about your orders.
We are responsible for storing information about your orders in connection with accounting, handling of fees and potential warranties and processing returned products. The order information is deleted after ten years. For improved security we also store the IP-address used for the order.
We may also need other types personal data for different reasons. Which types of data and what they are used for is described in this policy.

Your rights

You have the right to see the personal data which GamingGadgets Sweden AB has registered in accordance with applicable legislation. You can access the data whenever and without any costs in accordance with the legislation.
You also have the right to demand the correction or removal of your personal data at any time if we are not required to store that data according to the applicable legislation or other obligations we may have.
The information shall be sent in a safe manner. If the request is sent electronically, and no other format is requested, the information will be sent electronically.
You have the right to send complaints to our principal supervisory authority, datainspektionen (, if you think that your personal data is not handled according to this policy.

Archiving of personal data

The Swedish bookkeeping law (bokföringslagen) requires us to store transaction data for 5 years, but we store purchase history for 10 years in connection with warranties and consumer complaints in accordance with the Swedish Consumer Sales Act (konsumentköplagen) and Sales of Goods Act (köplagen).

Protection of personal data

GamingGadgets Sweden AB has taken the precautions needed to protect your personal data from access, alteration and removal by those who are unauthorized so that you can feel safe leaving your personal data to us. For example, the customers and the account holder’s data is stored in a database which is protected through permission controls.

Transport of goods

For transport of goods we cooperate with DHL and PostNord. The personal data which is necessary to deliver the goods to you are sent to them. The data which is shared with the transporter is name, phone number, address and desired shipping location.

Payment data

Records including the IP-address which we receive the order from is stored for security reasons. The payment data which is stored with GamingGadgets Sweden AB is: name, address, email address, phone number and at purchase with an invoice also national identification number. The national identification number is not stored with GamingGadgets Sweden AB, but with our invoice partner, Billmate.
All the systems handling personal data associated with the payment of orders are limited to employees which perform vital tasks in association with the order.
If the payment is made via PayPal or some of the other payment methods which Billmate provides then the payment data is shared with the payment partner.


A cookie is a small text file which is sent from our web server and is saved by your web browser. These are usually used to improve the user experience and remember who you are so that you stay logged in.
The purpose of using cookies is to give our web shop basic functions such as handling sessions and customization.
First-party cookies are necessary for the website to function and for customization of the website.
Third-party cookies are used for analysis and marketing of the website.

How to avoid cookies

If you do not want to accept cookies you can change the settings of your web browser to automatically decline to the storage of cookies or to be informed every time a website wants to store a cookie. Previously stored cookies can also be deleted from the web browser. See the help site of the web browser for more information. You can also delete cookies manually from your computer at any time. If you choose to not accept cookies you can still visit our website, but you cannot make any purchases.

You do not need to accept or use cookies to look at products and get information about the price, but to log in and make purchases you need to accept session cookies.


Our marketing is customized to make sure that the content is as relevant and useful for you as possible. In connection with emails we cooperate with selected partners for a good solution.

To find out what advertisements you have seen on the internet, and what products you have looked at in our website, we track our and our business partners’ advertisements. We use this to customize the web shop after what you are interested in and show you relevant advertisements the next time you visit it.


GamingGadgets Sweden AB collects anonymous data with the help of Google Analytics about visitors to our website for analysis.
Anonymous data refers to data which cannot be traced back to a person or user. The purpose of this is to collect statistics which can be used to improve and develop the website. The type of data we collect is, for example: where the users come from, the number of visitors at the website, the length of the visit, the web browser used, and how the website is used.

Contact information

Contact us via email ( if you want GamingGadgets Sweden AB to delete your data, or if you want to access your personal data stored by GamingGadgets Sweden AB.